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Looking for a CTO, Technical Lead, Co-Founder, or other Key Person?
Identify prospects with promise and reject time wasters quickly.

Finding the right key person for your startup, project or business is no mean feat. Much effort and expense is often invested in matching skills but the crucial issue of the 'right fit' is often underestimated or ignored altogether. The Teamable process is designed to save you time and money, while maximising your chance of finding the right person.

This process works well for technical prospects, but can easily be adjusted to work for prospects in other fields (e.g. Marketing, Business, Management, etc.).

The Teamable Process
  • 1. Describe your business or project idea
  • 2. Describe the role you wish to fill
  • 3. Connect with prospects
  • 4. Communicate, challenge, evaluate and decide
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Contact Teamble staff if you need help to evaluate a technical prospect, be they an individual or an organisation providing a technical service. Initial consultation to determine the scope of your requirement is free of charge.

Looking for a role as CTO, Technical Lead, Co-Founder, or providing a service?
Evaluate opportunities and decide if they are the right fit for you. Cultivate a trust relationship with entrepreneurs, startups and growth businesses.

Leaving the comfort of a good job to take up a key role in a startup or growing business, or to start a business with someone can be unerving. There is little scope for error. Similarly, if you provide a service, how do you convince a prospective client of your skill, integrity and professionalism? The Teamable process provides a structured approach to building trust with prospective business partners while evaluating opportunities.

This process works well for people offering technical services, but can easily be adjusted to work for people in other fields (e.g. Marketing, Business, Management, etc).

The Teamable Process
  • 1. Describe yourself and your goals
  • 2. Select the roles you can fulfill
  • 3. Enquire about roles and connect with their owners
  • 4. Communicate, challenge, evaluate and decide
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Contact Teamble for a free no obligation chat if you are unsure of your next step. We've been there and done it, or know someone that has.

Whatever your needs, follow these steps to make the most of Teamable.
1. Your Profile

This is the first thing members look at when deciding whether or not to engage with you. A succint headline would help.

Use this section to summarise what you can bring to the table and what your current needs are.

You can also add your qualities and rate them. Other members can (anonymously) enter and rate the qualities they think you have.

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2. Plan Forward - Roles & Watch List

Roles and watch lists are the ways members get to see each other. Roles also help you to plan forward.

Summarise your current needs into one or several roles. Members will make enquiries and you can decide to connect with them or not.

Select one or several role titles to watch. Relevant roles will pop into your profile and you can make an enquiry to connect with the role owner.

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3. Connect & Communicate

Ultimately, Teamable enables you to build trust networks through connecting and communicating with other members.

Connections are initially made by enquiring or by answering enquiries about a role.

Once you've connected there are two types of conversations - private one-on-one or private group conversations.

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Tip! A great way to get to know and establish trust is to work on a task together and share some experiences. Use your private project space to create a task and invite the prospect to join in!