Frequently asked questions

Teamable is taking a new approach to an age-old problem by giving you the opportunity to get to know people, and build a meaningful business relationship, before committing to working together. This allows both parties to decide if they are a best fit.
By thinking about your specific business requirements, and therefore what qualities your best fit candidate should have, you will make more relevant connections. Creating roles on Teamable ensures that the connections you make are based purely on your immediate and future business needs. By using a search facility to find connections you can lose sight of your business goals and end up making plenty of connections that go nowhere and take up valuable time and energy. We want our users to make meaningful business relationships that specifically enhance their business. We value quality over quantity when it comes to business connections.
Because you don’t spend your life tied to your desk we’ve designed Teamable discovery on-the-go to enable you to make connections in real-time, wherever you are. Turn on the Teamable discovery feature on your laptop or mobile device, select your discovery radius, and start connecting with the people around you. If you're busy or in a private meeting set discovery to OFF to make yourself ‘invisible’ to those around you.
No. Teamable does not track where you have been. Teamable only notes your current location when you turn on 'Discovery on-the-go' so that other people in the vicinity can find you. Your current location data is deleted within 20 minutes of you turning off, or not actively using, 'Discovery on-the-go'.
Absolutely! You don’t have to have an established business to use Teamable, infact, the platform is perfect for finding your perfect business partner or co-founder.
Yes. This is an important part of planning ahead which we strongly encourage as we believe that finding the best key people to build a business with is best viewed as a long term endeavour. You can post a role that you know will be needed in the future to give yourself time to find the ‘best fit’ person for it. Just make it clear in your post that this is a future role.