About Teamable

Teamable is part of Lisol Catalyst.

We are re-defining the way growth companies, startups and entrepreneurs from around the globe connect with the key people they need in order to take their businesses forward.

Whether you're filling a key role, looking for co-founders or want to build a partnership, the right fit is just as important as the right skills. We believe that you get better results when you have the opportunity to get to know people first, even working on a project or two together. This opportunity is often missing when using traditional methods such as advertisements, recruitment agencies, scrutinising LinkedIn 'endorsements' or searching the internet.

The Teamable model is therefore based on the idea of forming meaningful business relationships over time, and around specific roles and goals.

About Lisol Catalyst

Lisol Catalyst is a service designed to give your invention or business idea the best chance of success.

Particular emphasis is placed on team building as the single most important determing factor for the success of your project. This is the reason we created Teamable - to enable ourselves and others to build the right teams for our projects.

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